Why you should join ESPCR

ESPCR  provides you benefits at all stages of your scientific career. Your membership allows ESPCR  to support you behind the scenes on the critical issues facing research science today and tomorrow. The ESPCR  is committed to helping the field of  stem cell  research and therapy  as it becomes increasingly relevant to every field in Stem cell .

The Committee for Postdocs and Students (COMPASS) represents young scientists within ESPCR. We are dedicated to providing a forum for student and postdoc members to identify and address topics that are essential to their success. We strive to uphold the values and advance the goals of ESPCR by promoting the active participation of students and postdocs in the scientific community and maximizing their effectiveness.

Our goals are:

To create programming and resources that directly address the training and career development needs of graduate students and postdocs.

To promote opportunities for science advocacy and outreach that facilitate active engagement between young scientists and society.

To increase the visibility of student and postdoc perspectives within the ESPCR  by authoring content for society publications and the ESPCR  website.

To foster community and connection between young scientist members of ESPCR.

At all stages of scientist training, COMPASS  is here to help chart your path!



Registration :
ESPCR member : 500 LE
Renew-Member : 300 LE
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